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Examhere is complete intelligence system for the entry test,certification exam preparation. Examhere is a nascent online coaching and mock tests conducting platform. Aspirants turn out here before big days of their life to have their skills honed and learning tested realistically. It is a league of consummate specialists who designs tests by covering the scope of knowledge areas to be tested or syllabus holistically. Contents at EXAMHERE cover not only academic areas but emotional intelligence, stress management, time management too in order to train the students in better way. Products and services of EXAMHERE are comprised of coaching tutorials, key educational institutions' mock entrance/aptitude tests and mock recruitment/screening tests that the major testing and selection authorities conduct for recruitment in the key sectors of education, engineering, health, defence and intelligence, etc. When it comes to get admission in dream academic institutions EXAMHERE partners with the heroes to help them crossing the finishing line comprehensively. It compiles mock entrance tests of favorite institutions/universities in the areas of medical sciences, engineering, law, business and finance,etc.

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Scale and scope of EXAMHERE is expanding and bringing the coaching institutions and aspiring students based in far flung areas of the country by using modern channels of connectivity and networking. EXAMHERE is a stern advocate of girls right to education and gender diversity. It strives to help girls who are away from proper coaching facilities due to cultural taboos. EXAMHERE believes in compliance to regulations, norms and principles applicable to industry and positive competition. It encourages positive use of wider connectivity, knowledge sharing, and rising together. We strongly discourage unfair use of authority, favoritism's and usage of other unfair means to manipulate the testing process and result of assessments. Collaborative style and striving for win-win situation in the fields of education and youth empowerment make EXAMHERE open for partnership with tutors, coaching academies, testing authorities, recruiting entities and agencies, writers, technopreneurs, etc.

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